Why are we unique?

Thermodynamic cracking is not pyrolysis; Thermodynamic cracking enables a complete decomposition of tyre crumb and plastics, at much lower temperatures without any direct emissions into the atmosphere.

The mechanical process is highly energy efficient – using friction & shear forces to produce heat from within the waste material itself rather than indirectly through external heating. The parasitic load is therefore less than 10% of the energy which can be produced.

The technology has a very small footprint – approximately 10m x 6m for the cracking machine itself, capable of processing more than 5000 tonnes of waste materials per annum.

It is an extremely commercially flexible and viable solution that can take many different materials as an input to produce combustible hydrocarbons.

We believe that no-one else has these particular capabilities using so little power and with no direct emissions to atmosphere.

Thermodynamic Reprocessing Machine - The Difference
Thermodynamic Reprocessing Machine - The Difference