One Unique Technology – Three Development Pathways

TDR have the worldwide patent rights to a unique technology which can convert residual wastes such as tyre shred and mixed plastics into saleable commodities.  The prototype production machine is installed at a tyre recycling plant in the UK, replica plants can be built for those companies needing a purpose built solution to their tyre or waste plastic problem.

However, TDR recognise that many companies may not want or need an off-the shelf solution. For example, companies with their own engineering expertise or companies with their own existing vapour or oil handling systems may want to utilise the technology in a way that suits them best. For this reason TDR are flexible in the way that they offer their unique technology to the market.  Technology packages are available which allow a client to develop their own solutions or build their own bespoke plants using just the drawings and intellectual property available from TDR.

Alternatively, TDR are able to provide just the patented Thermodynamic cracker unit for incorporation into a clients existing process. The reactors are manufactured for TDR at designated quality assured facilities in Italy.

IP Licensing

TDR has a full technical drawing package (in AutoCad) and the software programming necessary for the building and operation of a Thermodynamic Cracking machine. This package can be made available to a client with the full technical support of the TDR team in order to assist clients who may want to manufacture their own machines.

Reactor Sales

The patented TDR reactor is available for purchase as a stand alone technology, or with integrated feed supply plant, in order for clients to integrate the critical intellectual property protected part of the cracking unit into their own processes. This would enable a client to produce a fuel vapour for utilisation in their own process.

Full Plant Sales

If neither of the above solutions suit the clients requirements, we have the ability to develop and deliver full scale production units. These units will take the raw materials of tyre / rubber crumb / and mixed plastics and process them through the system to make the oil and gas which can then be used as fuels, and the carbon which can be made into carbon black. The bespoke package will include everything you need to take waste materials and turn them into a valuable resource.