Leo-SimpsonLeo Simpson

Commercial and Legal

Leo is an English qualified lawyer who has lived overseas for many years and who has worked internationally in the power, transport, and communications sector for over 30 years. He has held senior positions in both UK and US law firms as well as having performed executive roles in multinational corporations, most recently in Brazil. Leo speaks a variety of European languages as well as Japanese.

Con-SteersCon Steers

Business Development North America

Con is Canadian, resident in Toronto who lived for almost 30 years in Brazil. He has worked in various executive capacities in the capital goods sector as well as a Director of a private Brazilian investment company and is currently on the Board of a Brazilian oil company and a Canadian mining and exploration company. Fluent in English, Spanish and Portuguese, his degree was in Business Administration from the Ivey Business School at Western University in London, Ontario.

Barrie-ThomasBarrie Thomas


Barrie has worked in senior positions in waste management and environmental sectors for over 20 years, including working as the head of a government recycling programme in Wales, showing businesses how to turn their wastes into valuable resources. He has worked on a number of national level waste initiatives in the UK through DEFRA and has been a technical advisor on several Technology Strategy Board projects.

He has managed developments for several waste to energy and renewable energy projects involving technologies such as wind turbines, biomass boilers, biogas engines and anaerobic digestion plants.

At TDR, Barrie is helping the company develop its technology and its offering to the waste industry throughout the UK and Europe, where the potential market for the machine is vast.