Giorgio-PecciThe man behind the Thermodynamic Cracking Machine itself is Giorgio Pecci, a chemical engineer from Ferrara in Italy who has invented a number of new chemical processes that have been implemented at a global commercial level.

Having spent much of his career in the plastics industry, Giorgio set about developing a new technology to break down synthetic resins and rubber into combustible hydrocarbons – forms of synthetic gas, diesel fuel and carbon.

He developed a process that he termed ‘thermodynamic cracking’ that produces gas and diesel outputs that can be used to produce electricity or other forms of energy such as steam. Any carbon produced by the process is suitable for sale for a host of industrial uses.

TDR successfully patented this process of thermodynamic cracking and has built a number of production models with several prototypes being tested over the last five years. A full scale production model has been installed in a tyre processing facility in the UK.

The reactor that sits within the thermodynamic cracking machine is unique and the design is patented worldwide – it is a totally revolutionary way to reduce the amount of incinerated and landfill waste to produce energy, and provides the additional benefits of renewable energy certificates and carbon credits in most European countries.