Patented process

The cleanest method

Recycling technology

Turn waste into fuels

Patented process

The cleanest method

Recycling technology

Turn waste into fuels

After five years of extensive development and rigorous testing, we have created a unique and safe waste-to-resources process for non-recyclable plastics and rubbers. Contact us.


Synthetic Diesel

For use for fuel.

Synthetic Gas from Waste Materials with the Thermodynamic Reprocessing Machine

Synthetic Gas

Multi-purpose fuel.


Tyre Derived Carbon

For use in a number of industries.

Our Process

Our process converts waste plastic and tyre materials in an oxygen free environment to create value from waste by turning them into saleable commodity products.
The patented mechanochemical reactor produces synthetic diesel, gas, and tyre derived  carbon with industry-leading conversion rates, energy efficiency, and simplicity.

We have developed a system for turning tyre and plastic waste into fuels – now available to integrate within your process.

What has been said

These are a couple of quotes from an expert appraisal carried out by PE International on our process in comparison with other traditional methods of tyre disposal. PE are a leading sustainability consultancy.

“TDR technology provides larger benefits for the environment than the competing treatment of waste tyres in the cement industry and municipal waste incineration…… In regards to all impact categories chosen the TDR cracking process indicates a better environmental performance”
“The main conclusion of this screening assessment is that the thermodynamic cracking of ELTs in the TDR technology appears as the overall best recovery option for waste tyres”
The University of Bologna Report has this about our diesel – “The Gross Calorific Value of the oil is in line with other liquid hydrocarbon fuels, like diesel, and it is suitable for power generation in diesel engines”

Our Team


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